One of my career goals has always been to spend time working for a non profit. I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to be the in house designer for The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. The Clay Studio's passion for providing accessibility to the arts and commitment to excellent service made them a perfect fit.


We were able to standardize advertisements and promote The Clay Studio in a more conceptual way.  

Printed Material

The Clay Studio utilizes various amounts of printed material in order to promote classes, events, and exhibits. I updated and standardized the layout for all these materials. 


Getting Things Settled

When I started out at The Clay Studio, there was an established visual identity but the way that it was implemented was sporadic and unorganized; bad enough that different departments were designing things on their own in whatever way they saw fit. I set out to solidify The Clay Studio's identity along with the way the identity was implemented. My goal was that everyone in the organization would trust the design process as well as to create a system that was strong enough to make things easier for my successor. 


We were able to drastically improve the quality and quantity of photography available for Clay Studio promotion. General photos of Clay Studio events and artwork were taken by professional photographers in trade for classes and tickets to events while photos to promote shop events and sales were taken by myself. 


Project Management

Naomi Cleary

Copy Writing

Alisha Ebling
Naomi Cleary
Jason McClintock


Jordan Cassaway
John Carlano
Jason McClintock